As America joins more than 190 countries to celebrate Earth Day this month, Summit Natural Gas of Maine is proud to offer homes and businesses an environmentally-friendly energy source that is helping Maine reduce its dependency on foreign oil.

The natural gas we supply to residents and businesses in the Kennebec Valley region and in southern Maine comes from North American sources and arrives by pipeline instead of trucks or trains.

Natural gas burns cleaner than oil. The combustion of natural gas produces 30% fewer emissions overall, and significantly lower levels of carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide than does the combustion of heating oil, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). The EIA has stated that oil fuels will contribute nearly 1,000 million more metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions this year than natural gas will.

Switching from oil to natural gas also reduces pollution from delivery trucks since a home or business supply of natural gas is always on and always “full.” The efficiency of natural gas also saves on electricity usage by being able to prepare meals and dry clothes more quickly, and by having a furnace that runs less and maintains temperature longer.

Summit Natural Gas of Maine is committed to providing clean, affordable natural gas to Mainers for years to come, and we know that the value of natural gas to a community is greatest when the majority of residents and businesses have access to the fuel. While other companies consider a 20-30% connection rate to be successful, Summit has averaged a 70% connection rate one year after beginning service in a town or city. We expect to reach 90% of potential customers in the Kennebec Valley region in the next five years, and more than 80% of potential customers in Cumberland, Falmouth and Yarmouth by 2019.

Our approach of making natural gas highly accessible to the majority of people in a community assures the largest environmental and economic impact for community members. The 2,300 residential and business customers we currently have will collectively save more than $2 million when they begin receiving gas.

Summit Natural Gas of Maine has partnered with Efficiency Maine to offer thousands of dollars in rebates for homeowners switching to a natural gas heating system. Summit residential customers can get back up to $2,000 on the purchase of a high-efficiency natural gas boiler, and up to $1,625 on a high-efficiency natural gas furnace.

There are also rebates for gas water heaters, gas stoves, gas clothes dryers, and boiler/furnace conversions to gas. All Summit residential customers can also receive up to $960 in rebates for an Efficiency Maine-approved energy audit with 12 hours of air sealing.

Build an environmentally-friendly heating system and put more of your money back in your pocket with Summit Natural Gas of Maine. Learn more about all the rebates at