I found the commentary “Growing small business in Maine,” which appeared Maine Sunday Telegram on April 6 to be most interesting.

By the time I got to the third paragraph, I thought the authors were speaking of the efforts we in Rockport are making to attract and retain businesses.

In addition to the businesses mentioned in the article, Rockport has many other recognized innovative businesses and schools. Maine Media Workshops attract students from around the world as does the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship. Bay Chamber Concerts has a worldwide reputation for excellence in their programming.

Rockport is in the midst of “pushing the envelope,” “thinking outside the box” and being on the “leading edge” when it comes to technology. Rockport is very fortunate to have the fiber-optic cable network (also known as Three Ring Binder) run right through the middle of our town.

The town is in the midst of extending the fiber-optic cable into our downtown village area to connect several town facilities (such as the Rockport Opera House and Rockport Public Library) as well as making it available to local institutions, businesses and individuals. Within a year, we hope to have a “high-tech harbor” where sailors, students and visitors alike can access the Internet at blazing speed.

Current thinking has this capability being extended into other, adjacent areas of the town to create an incentive for entrepreneurs, individuals and businesses to locate, expand or create in our town.


The entire state is on the brink of creating an environment that is welcoming and encouraging to residents, former residents, “people from away” and businesses of all sorts to participate in the way life should be while also bringing the world to our doorstep.

William “Bill” Chapman

chair, Rockport Select Board




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