Since 2007, our government has borrowed $4 billion every day. This massive borrowing is the most irresponsible thing our Congress does.

How and when will this money be repaid? Who will repay our national debt? Remember, today, it increased $4 billion.

This fall, Rep. Chellie Pingree and Sen. Susan Collins will be asking for your vote. Our representatives in Congress are the ones voting to put us under this massive debt. Before you vote for Pingree or Collins, consider the debt they are heaping on you and your family.

Rep. Mike Michaud is asking for your vote for governor of Maine. While in Congress, Michaud voted to borrow $4 billion every day.

If Michaud gets to occupy the Blaine House, will he continue his pattern and put Maine deeper and deeper in debt? Can we take such a chance?

James Waterhouse



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