I do not understand Maine’s position regarding casinos. I have no issues with regulating and collecting revenue from casinos, but why in the world does the state care about how many there are or where they are located?

Maine only stands to gain if it would allow casinos the same freedom to open, thrive or end up closed, anywhere in the state. This is the case with most other businesses.

State government has opened the barn door to slot machines and table games. Now it should stand back and allow the free market/capitalism to decide which ones stand or fall. It is a win-win-win.

It is curious that our governor, Mr. “Maine – For Sale” (oops, I meant “Maine – Open for Business”), seems to favor more government where none is needed.

Imagine the uproar if I wanted to open a coffee shop across the street from an established national brand coffee shop but the state refused to allow it.

What is the difference?


My bet says, “Let them compete! Winner take all!”

Ray Ronan



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