The front-page article of the Portland Press Herald (March 28) – “Russia’s a pariah, but sister city trip still on” – should have been titled “Why is Russia treated as a pariah while the United States ignores international laws at will?”

Yes, the United States is the perennial culprit in thumbing its nose at international law. Witness its attacks on the former Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan and now the Obama special of drone attacks on sovereign nations.

Russia is far from saintly, but the gross hypocrisy of the United States should be recognized. Further, the United States continues to support coups of legitimate governments, e.g., Egypt, Honduras and Ukraine.

Let’s call a spade a spade. The United States is hell-bent on world hegemony and will let nothing stand in its way. The citizens of the United States and the world deserve better.

Tim Zorach



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