There is a very important Democratic primary race for sheriff in Cumberland County on June 10. I am supporting our current sheriff, Kevin Joyce, who is a lifelong Democrat, for his re-election.

I have known and worked side by side with Kevin for 28 years while we were serving the citizens of Cumberland County as deputy sheriffs and when Kevin became our sheriff.

Kevin started as a part-time deputy and proceeded through the ranks to sheriff. He knows the workings of the patrol and corrections operation from the ground up!

He holds a master’s degree in business administration and finance, which has prepared him in managing a $17 million-a-year budget.

Between corrections, patrol, civil, work release, etc., he is responsible for 255 employees. Any leader knows that some decisions will not be received well by all of the employees all the time, but they are made to improve the community for the citizens of Cumberland County and the high standard for our Sheriff’s Patrol and Corrections Department

Kevin has brought the Sheriff’s Office into the 21st century through innovative ideas and within the constraints of budget guidelines. Some examples include the addition of contracts for police services for towns that do not have a police department; area departments adding officers for the Emergency Services Unit, and the Police Explorer Post.


All while he is responsible for managing a daily average prisoner population of 480.

Kevin is dedicated, honest, responsible, sincere and has the background to continue as our sheriff for the next four years and beyond.

It is my hope that Democrats will come out and vote with me to re-elect Sheriff Kevin Joyce.

Charles R. “Dick” Elliott

retired lieutenant, Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office



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