I’m rarely enthusiastic about any candidate for political office. But there is one candidate I can support without reservation in this upcoming election: Shenna Bellows.

She’s honest, smart, hardworking, and incorruptible. We need people like her to represent us! Shenna knows what’s wrong with this country. She has the energy and the smarts to make things better for Americans who believe in government of, by, and for the people – not government by special interests of any description.

For those of you who think Susan Collins is unbeatable, consider this: in 1972, after a 24-year career in the Senate, Margaret Chase Smith was unseated by the younger Bill Hathaway.

Smith was considered unbeatable, yet she was defeated. The people were just tired of the same old, same old.

Collins’ record is not consistent with her image. She pretends to be bipartisan, but when it counts, she votes with her party to obstruct the people’s business. She gets a “B” on women’s rights, but votes against paycheck fairness. (Shenna gets an “A+” for women.) When Collins was in charge of the Senate’s chief investigative oversight committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs (2003-2007) what did she accomplish? Why are we just now finding out about the overreach of the intelligence apparatus?

Shenna understands this issue, and she’s not bamboozled by the military industrial complex.


Collins voted against interest caps on student loans, against GMO labeling, against medical services to vets, against unemployment benefits, against suspending the debt limit so that the business of government could continue, against Social Security and Medicare, and on and on. Shenna wouldn’t vote that way!

I am tired of the same old, same old. I want a new face to represent Maine. That face belongs to Shenna Bellows.

Abbie McMillen



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