As an uneducated Vietnam veteran, I have a few questions after reading the article in the Portland Press Herald on April 11 about the Narrow Gauge Railroad moving from Portland to Gray (“Narrow Gauge Railroad’s move from Portland is slow process”).

One question is: Why would one town go after another town’s business that seems to be doing well where it is?

Another question is: Have the people in both Portland and Gray been asked for their voice on this matter?

My next question is: If it is going to cost $6 million to move this project forward, where is the money coming from?

One more question: If this project gets off the solid ground of Portland, and ends up in the soft marsh of Gray and starts sinking, will we taxpayers of Gray be asked to bail them out?

I had a chance today to see the Narrow Gauge Railroad tracks along the eastern waterfront of Portland. What a view of Casco Bay it has, with fishing vessels, sailing boats and the ocean!


I then came back to Gray to compare the view to the Portland waterfront. In the marsh here, the only view I saw were the frogs sunning themselves on lily pads!

William L. Keith Sr.



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