Every morning as I read the Portland Press Herald, I become more and more enraged by the actions of Gov. Paul LePage.

The vetoes of the bills to protect the health of women in Maine and then the water quality of Maine’s lakes, which I hold very dear, sent me over the top of my tolerance level. It seems that no amount of pressure is able to stop this man’s damage to my beloved state of Maine.

I think that we have an opportunity to halt this ruthlessness in the upcoming election by somehow joining forces to build an opposition to the Paul LePage team.

Mike Michaud and Eliot Cutler need to come together to prevent the disaster that occurred in the previous election by having a three-way race.

I have my preference for candidates, but my greatest preference is to defeat LePage in the most effective way possible. I am willing to step into a leadership position to work on a solution – perhaps there is already a group of concerned citizens working on this. If so, please direct me. If not, let’s make one. Thanks for your response.

Jean Rosenblum