There are a lot of words to describe the senator of District 33: dedicated, sincere, trustworthy and special. By special, we mean he acts from his heart and has all of us from his district in mind when he votes on policy.

He works for us at the Statehouse in Augusta. We voted him in, and he hasn’t disappointed us. He fights for all of us: the veterans, the elderly, the jobless and the underpaid workers, and he listens to us.

He fights for the clean air we breathe and the health care we need, and to make sure Maine is the place our children will want to stay and get the education they deserve and the well-paying jobs that will keep them here.

Maine is a great state, and we need Sen. John Tuttle to continue to fight to keep it that way. Please join our family and vote June 10 for Tuttle.

Sandra and Ray Jalbert, Sanford