Re: “PAC spends $100,000 to topple Cumberland County Sheriff Kevin Joyce” (May 31):

I am a retired law enforcement officer of 30 years, having served in state, local and county law enforcement. I retired from the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office in 2005, having served briefly as commander of the Criminal Investigation Unit.

I have worked with and for Sheriff Kevin Joyce for more than 25 years and am proud to call him a colleague and friend.

Recently, there has been much said about his neglect in buying equipment, personnel management and other shortcomings, reported by individuals who have never managed a large organization or had to equip a force of officers with safety gear ranging from safe cars and radios to Tasers and other specialty equipment – and doing it all within the confines of a limited budget.

Kevin has the education, experience and courage to run a very complex institution that far outweighs his opponent’s limited exposure.

He has been a moving force in bringing the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office into the 21st century over the last 25 years, making it one of the finest law enforcement and correction institutions in Maine, if not the country.

Kevin’s main focus throughout his career has always been to best serve the residents of Cumberland County, which he has truly done with integrity, fairness, compassion and excellence.

I plead with the Democrats of Cumberland County – don’t let this legacy end June 10!

Frank Lyons

South Portland