In response to Leonard Pitts’ June 4 column and the “errors in Republicans’ climate math,” let’s do the math of his and the progressive left’s answer proffered in their cap-and-trade answer to “save what ice we still can” in an “irreversible” situation.

According to the National Center for Policy Analysis, all greenhouse gases account for only 2 percent of the total atmosphere; 3.62 percent of greenhouse gases are CO2; 3.4 percent of CO2 is caused by human activity; 22 percent of world CO2 emissions come from the U.S.; cap-and-trade is supposed to reduce U.S. man-made CO2 output by 15 percent.

Here is the math: 0.02 times 0.036 times 0.034 times 0.22 times 0.15 = 0.000000807840, or about eight one-hundred thousandths of 1 percent.

While the Pittses of the liberal left are gnashing their teeth over the hoax of the man-made global warming crisis, please note that the Chinese, Russians and Indians will never cease their pollution emissions while their national economies grow. Ours would continue to sputter along under the tutelage of the progressive left, as evinced by the past five years of President Obama.

Mr. Pitts also has overlooked the simple fact that the eruption of just one volcano spews more carbon pollutants into the atmosphere than all the cars ever built, combined. We cannot control that, nor the 12 active volcanoes currently erupting worldwide.

So spare us the frenetic diatribes. The planet has been healing itself for eons, and man was not in the mix except for a small fraction of that time.