There won’t be much in the way of sunshine the next two days and Father’s Day is looking great. Those predictions are part of the weather headlines for this morning along with the fact Saturday morning is still a bit questionable.

A cool east wind is keeping a rather raw feel to the air around southern Maine today. The heat and humidity well to our south isn’t going to make it here anytime soon.

The frequency and intensity of the showers is highly dependent on exactly where you are this morning. Over the capitol district it’s quite wet, while around greater Portland the showers are not nearly as numerous. This pattern of fewer showers for York and Cumberland Counties and more showers for Oxford, Franklin, Androscoggin, Knox and Kennebec counties will continue much of the day.

The radar loop below is from about 6:30 this morning. As you are reading this blog, things have likely changed, but you can see the pattern of more consistent rainfall from about Lewiston north and fewer showers around Portland.

Radar loop at 6:30 Thursday morning

Radar loop at 6:30 Thursday morning

Some areas may even be completely dry today while others see up to half an inch of rain. This is going to change later this evening and on Friday as two frontal systems bring periods of showers and storms to the area. The first chance of rain happens as very warm and humid air clashes with the cool marine air. This will bring a good slug of rain to the region late tonight and tomorrow morning.

There might be a break in the rain at some point tomorrow, but timing the break won’t be easy so plan on a wet day. The showers will start to exit the area overnight Friday and early Saturday morning.

In order to have a nice day Saturday, the frontal system bringing to rain needs to exit the coastline. If the front lingers until 12 or 1PM, the day will be mostly cloudy and even have a few morning showers. If the front clears the coast by 8AM, we can look for a much better day with increasingly sunny skies. Either way, any showers won’t be heavy Saturday morning and it’s really just a matter of how much sunshine we see. Temperatures will reach the lower 70s over most areas.

Whatever happens Saturday, Sunday is looking like a superb day with an abundance of sunshine and warm readings in the mid or even upper 70s. East of Rockland you can knock at least 5 degrees off those temperatures. The nice weather looks to continue into Monday before the chance of more rain resumes later Tuesday or Wednesday.

I still don’t see any prolonged periods of heat or humidity for the area as we approach the summer solstice. The next 9 mornings bring a continuation of the earliest sun rises of the year. If you live over eastern Maine, your sunrise is now before 5AM making for a very short night if you go to sleep late.

I’ll be updating the forecast @growingwisdom on Twitter.