Re: “Wide gap in views after Maine’s decision to halt aid to undocumented immigrants” (June 19):

The Press Herald missed the opportunity to ask a more important question of our citizens about undocumented immigrants.

Instead of asking people whether they thought that undocumented immigrants should be eligible for public assistance, the question should have been: “If you were an immigrant who escaped your war-ravaged country and came here with nothing but the clothes on your back, not speaking the language, would you accept public assistance if it was offered?”

Didn’t someone famous some time ago offer mankind an aspiration and challenge by suggesting that we “do unto others as you would have others do unto you”?

Chris Torlone, a 20-year-old Portland resident, got to the heart of the issue when she answered the Press Herald’s question by saying, “You don’t need a document to be a human being.” A simple but profound statement for us all to consider.

Joseph Py