I am a veteran and served for 12 years, including with the 133rd Engineer Battalion in Iraq and Louisiana following Hurricane Katrina. I was offended by the article speculating about the effect of the Veterans Affairs scandal on the candidacy of Mike Michaud (“VA scandal could impact Maine’s gubernatorial race,” May 22).

Long wait times and poor service at VA facilities are major issues for veterans. In a March 2013 statement, Rep. Michaud said, “I will do everything I can to help the VA meet its ambitious goals … but time is running out and we simply must see real results soon.”

Now, more than a year later, he says, “there is no time to waste.” Why isn’t the Portland Press Herald holding Rep. Michaud accountable instead of propping up his candidacy?

I was also amazed by the blanket claim that Eliot Cutler “has done little campaigning that has targeted veterans.” That’s just not true, and your reporter never contacted the Cutler campaign to ask about veteran outreach.

As the first person Eliot hired to work on his campaign, I’ve been a part of numerous conversations Eliot has had with veterans across the state, like sitting down for lunch at the Portland VFW or talking with veterans about health care at a Caribou hospital. This kind of personal outreach is a breath of fresh air to veterans we meet who are tired of being used as political props.

As part of his policies in support of veterans, Eliot has outlined a plan to streamline the process for veterans to gain the civilian licenses for jobs they filled while serving.

As a veteran, I am proud to work for Eliot Cutler. He is the one candidate who not only understands the issues facing Maine veterans, but also has the plans, the courage and the leadership to fix them.

Emily Cramer