BOSTON — Boston’s animal control director has been suspended and faces termination after the Animal Rescue League discovered what it called “disturbing” conditions at the city-run animal shelter.

The shelter’s manager and other employees remain at their posts for now as Mayor Martin Walsh’s administration waits for an assessment by the Animal Rescue League before taking additional action, The Boston Globe reported Friday.

The Animal Rescue League discovered the conditions at the shelter in the city’s Roslindale section last month. In its assessment, the league said one dog was gaunt and dehydrated and had open sores on its body. Other animals howled incessantly. Cats lay on single sheets of wet newspaper. Shelves held out-of-date medication and old food.

Dozens of animals have been moved to other shelters, and all have been examined by veterinarians.

Mary Nee, president of the Animal Rescue League of Boston, called the conditions “very disturbing.”