UNITY — Unity Raceway is open for business.

Track owner Ralph Nason confirmed Thursday that he has struck a deal for a management contract with 25-year-old Unity driver Nick Huff of Hampden to hold “at least three” events this year – including the signature Long John.

“He’s going to be running the whole show,” the 74-year-old Nason said. “I told him he can come to me anytime he wants. I’ll give him as much guidance as he wants.”

Huff said Thursday afternoon that he and Nason agreed to split the profits 80/20, respectively, but also said the venture is not about the money.

The track was scheduled to have its first race of the season Fourth of July weekend as Nason looked for new management to take over operations, but was forced to postpone because of bad weather.

“I don’t even want to make a buck, I just want to break even because I want to see the place open and racing. I just love it that much,” Huff said. “I just don’t want to go bankrupt doing it. I’m just looking to break even and supply people a place to race.”

Huff is already working on scheduling the track’s first race under his management.

“I don’t know when the date is, but it will be the super stock challenge for enduro type racecars – a 250-lap feature with a big-money payout,” Huff said. “The amount has not yet been announced due to sponsorships.”