I am writing in support of Israel’s right to protect itself from an enemy that has constantly vowed to wipe out the Zionist population (Israelis and some Americans).

Regarding the tragic deaths of four Palestinian boys, it is very possible that the reporters on the beach where the boys were killed had with them devices or metal that caused Israel Defense computers to mistakenly detect weapons and label the boys as enemy combatants.

My reasoning is based on the following quote from the July 16 “PBS NewsHour” transcript: “Two still grabs from CCTV appear to show the four boys playing football. And then the shell strikes.”

(The transcript can be found at: http://to.pbs.org/1qyQOmp/.)

From the above report, we can safely conclude that reporters were on the beach with their equipment.

Thus, I am confident that Israel is taking reasonable precautions to protect civilians and deserves U.S. support.

Theresa Aiello