We enjoyed reading the extensive coverage of the boys’ 11/12 Little League District 6 and state tournaments in the Portland Press Herald the week of July 21 through July 26. This included large front-page pictures, multiple sports-page pictures and play-by-play coverage of district and state games.

We think these young people have worked hard and deserve the recognition and local media coverage. We are sure you will continue your coverage as they head to Bristol, Connecticut, to the New England Regional.

Our concern is the total lack of coverage of the 11/12 Little League softball District 6 and state tournaments

The most these equally hardworking and dedicated girls received from the Press Herald was a box score for the state championship game and a single small story about the Scarborough Little League softball team going to Connecticut for the Eastern Regional Tournament.

Girls’ sports have come a long way since 1972, when Title IX was enacted, but the media hurdles are still blocking the recognition and visibility of girls’ and women’s athletics.

Athletics are an important part of many young people’s lives; they develop goal-setting, teamwork, self-pride and the joy of physical activity. When the media mainly presents boys’ and men’s sports in their coverage, it sends the wrong message to everyone.

Are boys’ and men’s sports more important than girls’ and women’s sports? Are young men more important than young women? We are sure most people today realize boys’ and men’s sports and girls’ and women’s sports are equally important and should be treated as such.

We would encourage your newspaper to change your policy to make sure boys’ and men’s and girls’ and women’s sports are covered with the same vigor. The comparison between your coverage of baseball and softball tournaments illustrates the wide divide in your priorities.

Steve and Deb Tewhey

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