Maine voters know genuine when they see it. That’s why it’s a genuine surprise that Shenna Bellows (a Democrat) chose to feature an Oregon factory worker to represent Maine’s workforce in her most recent political advertisement touting positions on wage earners.

The surprise isn’t so much that she dared to fool Maine viewers, nor that she flouted unstated rules for Maine candidates to conduct honest campaigns. No, the surprise is closer to home: that she would test Maine voter sensibilities by airing an inauthentic video to solicit their support.

Perhaps Bellows was stymied in trying to find a “real” Maine worker; perhaps her campaign was just lazy.

Either way, Maine voters now have one more reason to re-elect Susan Collins (a Republican) to the U.S. Senate. She has a genuine record of standing up for fellow Mainers – in all walks of life and from all corners of our great state.

Leslie Anderson


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