I have enjoyed reading the profiles of the candidates for governor in the Maine Sunday Telegram.

On July 20, the profile was on our current governor, Paul LePage (“The early years: Paul LePage”). In the secondary headline, it says, “Tough love, hard work and luck saved the boy … .”

As I read the article, I kept thinking, “Where is this ‘luck’ that is mentioned?” The governor’s upbringing was among the toughest I have ever heard of in this country. One of 18 children, beaten by one’s father and subsequently leaving home by the age of 11 sounds like anything but good luck.

Yes, some people helped this young boy, but this was due to them recognizing in him a desire to succeed through hard work, as opposed to what the Maine Sunday Telegram characterized as “luck.”

Gov. LePage made his own luck through working hard, perseverance, integrity, gratitude and personal responsibility.

Barbara Seelen


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