The primary argument of those supporting the bear hunting referendum is that trapping, hounding and baiting are unsporting, or in other words, not difficult.

Can we set aside whether that is correct, and question why it matters?

The Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife manages wild species to maintain a sustainable head count, not to target a subjective level of harvesting difficulty.

Hunting methods are tools, not tests.

With proponents’ logic, we should eat only beef originating from “fair chase” cows, and should catch mice by hand (or at least mousetraps sans cheese).

At the top of the food chain, humans must take seriously the need to humanely convert animals into meat.

But struggle should not be a required ingredient.

If it is, let’s agree to run through an obstacle course while solving a crossword puzzle to reach the meat counter at Hannaford.

It’s only sporting.

Stanley Rose


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