I am sure the recipe for sauteed milkweed pods printed in the Aug. 10 paper is tasty, but since milkweed is the only food source for monarch butterfly caterpillars, I will not be trying it (“Sauteed milkweed pods: A recipe to delight the forager”).

We have planted milkweed at the behest of Audubon because of the loss of these “weeds” due to loss of natural fields, plowing along interstate highways, and the use of pesticides.

This effort is critical as the number of monarchs the past two years has plummeted. I have always planted a butterfly garden, but this year we had only one monarch. It saddens me to lose these jewels of summer. So, let us leave the milkweed pods where the monarchs can lay their eggs and the caterpillars can feed on and transform into glorious butterflies for the enjoyment of all.

Patricia Bredenberg

Cape Elizabeth