Sen. Angus King’s recent endorsement of Eliot Cutler introduced a breath of fresh air and common sense into the upcoming gubernatorial elections.

As Sen. King noted, this state needs a 21st-century governor to deal with 21st-century problems. I agree. We do not need a return to the failed policies of the past 11 years.

Through collaboration and creative thinking, Eliot has built upon his 20th-century heritage of resolve, education, entrepreneurship and civic-mindedness to build a successful 21st-century career.

He is smart and fact-driven, not a purveyor of ideological sound bites that appeal to one segment of the population.

We owe it to ourselves to allow Eliot Cutler the chance to make the most of a similar heritage in this state and to move away from past failures and toward 21st-century economic prosperity.

Cushing Samp