I’m so excited about the proposed expansion of the Falmouth Memorial Library.

When we moved to Falmouth in 1990, our library was a warm, welcoming place where my older two kids played in the children’s room in the former Iverson house basement. I was grateful that earlier citizens had understood the value of a library as a community gathering place and created one for all of us.

When my third kid came along in 1995, our library had been enhanced by a beautiful expansion. Now the children’s area was open and airy, but still warm and welcoming; the addition of the Russell Room underscored that commitment to community. I applaud again the citizens that worked so hard on the 1995 addition which will continue to serve us.

And now the next chapter: the modernization and expansion that our library needs for today and tomorrow. Please vote yes on Nov. 4.

Vicki Swerdlow

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