I am writing to share my support for Rep. Sara Gideon, House District 48. I have had the pleasure of knowing Sara for many years as a Freeport Town Council member and now as a state representative.

I am a teacher at Mast Landing School in Freeport and have worked closely with Rep. Gideon to bring government educational opportunities to our school. For the past two years, Sara has graciously taken time out of her hectic schedule to come to MLS to teach students how our government is structured and run. In addition to her visits to the classroom, she has also been a welcoming host for my students at the Maine State House. Through Sara’s commitment to education and dedication to area youth, my students have had the opportunity to experience government procedure first hand.

In addition to her commitment to education, Sara always presents herself with the utmost professionalism by communicating effectively, holding “office” sessions and preparing informational newsletters for her constituents. Sara keeps us all informed about what she is working on and she seeks input and opinions before she commits to a side. Sara Gideon is real, honest, intelligent and trustworthy and will work to have our voices heard in Augusta. Please join me in supporting Rep. Sara Gideon.

Lynn Shea


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