Windham House District 25 is fortunate to have Jennie Butler as a candidate.

I have known Jennie for over 25 years. During that time, I have seen her dedicate herself for 27 years at Windham High School to promoting success for all her students. She cares about people and making life better for her constituency, a trait she will extend to her legislative work by encouraging success for all Maine workers.

Jennie is an intelligent woman of integrity who will be a devoted advocate for the people of Windham. She supports the middle class worker and believes in raising the minimum wage, creating more job opportunities, and in supporting education. These are all strategies that can encourage people to stay in Maine, encourage a stronger economy and strengthen the future of the Maine worker.

Jennie’s background in education gives her an advantage to help provide leadership on current issues affecting Maine students. Her desire for a strong educational system will mean her efforts to prepare students for working in tomorrow’s industries will be supported at the legislative level today.

Unfortunately, I do not live in District 25 so I cannot vote for her but I can only hope the voters in District 25 support Jennie Butler in this November’s election. She is a candidate who will support us all.

Laura Joyce


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