Anne Feuhrer wrote a thoughtful letter arguing that parents will allow Freeport athletics to thrive, even if the town votes to withdraw from RSU 5. I write not to express my views on withdrawal, but rather to clarify the history of the Freeport Gridiron Club.

The club was formed by parents, and I was one of them. But Pownal parents were equally involved. In addition, Pownal’s school superintendent, Joe Feeney, was an important supporter. We didn’t have enough Freeport children to field our teams; Joe allowed us into his classrooms to recruit players. When we sought to introduce football at Freeport High, a condition of approval was that we provide transportation from the school to Pownal Road Field for daily practice. Joe let football players ride the Pownal bus, free of charge.

Simply put, without our friends in Pownal, Freeport football would not be what it is today.

Daniel G. Kagan


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