I was skeptical when a representative from Summit Natural Gas said I would have gas by Nov. 1, but I decided to put my faith in the company. After all, they were generating excitement and taking pictures with community leaders. Surely, they would keep their commitment.

I, like everyone else, received the emails with reports of progress in my town. I even received a letter at some point saying Summit was on track for Nov. 1. Momentarily, I felt relief.

I made the necessary arrangements for conversion to natural gas immediately, just as I was instructed. But I did not get my old oil boiler cleaned. There was no need. I was supposed to have natural gas by Nov. 1. My wood stove could keep my family warm until then.

Yesterday, I could not ignore the lack of progress on my road any longer. I called Summit, but was put into voicemail. I missed the call back, but the relevant parts of the voicemail were “we hope to get to your street this year” and “we have been busy.”

Didn’t Summit expect to be busy? And when they were going to go back on commitments that people relied upon, did it not occur to someone to pick up the phone – to tell people to get their old oil boilers ready for another winter?

Please keep your commitments, Summit. We are all busy, and we have all planned our winter based on your word. If you can’t keep your word, then talk to us.

Valerie Hamilton