Jennifer DeChant

Age: 46

Occupation: Executive Director at the Chocolate Church Arts Center

Political background: First-term State Legislator

Times Record: Why are you running for office?

Jennifer DeChant: I am seeking reelection to continue representing Bath in Augusta as it relates to economic, environmental and educational issues relevant to all of us. I value public service and community involvement. This endeavor is a natural extension of my professional experience and personal background.

TR: What are the top three issues you’ll have to deal with if elected?

JD: Although the legislative agenda is not predetermined aside from balancing the budget, there will be issues relating to education funding, revising the tax base and managing efficiencies in DHHS programs. My emphasis will be reducing barriers that small businesses face, assuring access to quality education and addressing needs of our growing elderly population.

TR: What skills or strengths do you bring to office?

JD: I am a hard worker who pays attention to detail and network well with my colleagues to ensure I represent all the citizens of Bath from working families to small business owners and the elderly.

TR: Why should voters choose you?

JD: Bath and its great community come first for me and I work to be fair and listen to all sides of an issue. My experience and moderate approach allows me to view issues from different perspectives. Being a legislator means understanding that not everything can nor should be legislated. However, we need to find resources for improvement in our community and I will be a catalyst for positive change.

Editor’s Note: Ryan Matthew Daniels, a Republican from Bath also vying for this seat, did not respond to our questionnaire.

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