I write to the two-thirds of the electorate who share my view that Maine needs a new chief executive.

In 2010, I voted for independent Eliot Cutler. This year, I will vote for Democrat Mike Michaud.

Mike is an honorable, capable leader with a positive vision including economic development for Maine. Mike is an effective consensus builder who gets things done. Harry Truman captured it with this: “It’s amazing what you can get accomplished if you don’t care who gets the credit.”

On key issues, the views of Michaud and Cutler starkly diverge from Republican Gov. Paul LePage’s. That’s the problem: Like-minded voters could again split.

Cutler has strengths. I voted for him confident he would serve with distinction. But voter support has eroded this election season.

For Maine’s future, vote Mike Michaud.

Jon Hinck

city councilor and former Democratic three-term state representative