I got into this about a year ago. Last fall my girlfriend and I were sitting by the fire drinking wine and lamenting about all things Maine – the long winter we were faced with, the lack of creative, collaborative and entrepreneurial leadership at the state level, and the general lack of opportunity that existed in our great state.

We’re for independent Eliot Cutler. Mostly, because he has the best plan, the most experience, will make the biggest difference and create the most opportunity.

To us, it was an easy choice from the start. He’s by far the best candidate for governor, and we vote with our heart and from our conscience.

Vote from your conscience. Don’t cheapen the process with anything less. We won’t. We won’t be scared. We’ll cast our vote for Eliot – because he’s the best candidate for us. And the beauty is we’re guaranteed to win – regardless of the outcome.

Sean P. Ireland