Biddeford residents overwhelmingly approved a ban on parking meters in the city’s downtown.

Residents voted 6,761 to 959 on Tuesday in favor of the ban, even though city officials have never considered installing parking meters.

The referendum came from a citizen petition circulated by residents who oppose a conceptual plan to build a parking garage and install parking meters downtown. The conceptual parking-management plan was part of a study commissioned by the city in 2012 to look at parking issues as Biddeford’s downtown and mill districts are redeveloped.

The study developed a conceptual plan for a $12 million parking garage and for parking meters, which would cost about $400,000 to install. Revenue from the garage and the meters would be used to pay off the cost of building the garage, according to the conceptual plan.

Biddeford voters also rejected two proposals for infrastructure improvement projects.

A road improvement question was rejected by a vote of 3,975 to 3,558.

City voters also rejected proposed sewer projects by a vote of 3,942 to 3,566.

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