Decisions based on political rhetoric rather than evidence are curious at best. And to make them using belligerence, condescension and hostility are not traits I desire in a governor.

As a citizen and as a registered nurse who bases decisions about health and health policy on evidence, not fear, I deplore Gov. LePage’s recent uninformed decisions on Ebola.

I also found his declarations about Kaci Hickox to be hostile and aggressive at a time when we all should be thanking Kaci and all health providers who seek to help people in their most desperate circumstances.

The health care professionals who care for patients/clients do so knowing they are themselves being exposed to potentially serious disease on a routine basis. Yet we go home at night to our families – and all without the need to be isolated/quarantined.

The governor crossed a line by lacking caring and civility and by attempting to make Kaci a scapegoat. And he claims he is not a politician. He lost my Republican vote Tuesday.

Now that he’s been re-elected, he should work harder at being the “who” and not the “what.” He hates violence, yet he communicates so violently toward those he disagrees with. That is not leadership.

James Smith

North Yarmouth

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