I was born in India and came to the United States during mid-2012 on an L-1B visa. Since then, I am working and living here legally.

I am a business systems analyst employed with a large global IT and financial services firm, and bring with me more than 10 years of international experience.

My wife and I came to the U.S. with the goal to settle down here and have a good future for our two sons. But I am disappointed to say that the U.S. immigration system does not do justice with highly skilled individuals who want to be a permanent part of this great nation.

The current approach of allocating H-1B visas through lottery, the extremely slow-moving green card process for employment-based categories, etc., are examples of this broken immigration system.

Hence, I am already evaluating options to immigrate permanently to Canada. Canada has one of the highest immigration rates in the world, and their immigration system truly respects skilled resources and believes in uniting families.

The Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Program follows a logical approach that allows eligible candidates to qualify for permanent residency and helps them settle down in Canada quickly and contribute effectively to their economy. Many of my co-workers in the U.S. are already planning to move to Canada, as the immigration reform proposal in the United States is currently dead in water.

It’s a good first step that the president has indicated he’ll take administrative action to provide relief to American businesses and families who are hurting. That’s still no replacement for a permanent legislative solution, so it’s critical that Congress passes reform legislation as soon as possible.

Umesh Duaa

South Portland