The summer before last, I was so incensed I was going to sit down and compose a note, but never got to it. Today our granddaughter was knocked down and bitten (not badly, thank goodness) by a “voice-controlled” dog on Willard Beach. This pushed me to act.

We love our dogs in this family. It was one of the saddest days when we had to say goodbye to our dear mixed collie, and our daughters have wonderful dogs.

But it is also a sad day when we cannot visit our beloved beach without fear of being knocked down or having a bag of beach toys urinated on (the owner didn’t even notice) and generally having to leave because of unruly dogs.

It has been said that we should keep the little ones near us and watch out for the dogs, but I ask, what is more important – children, or the running, out-of-control dogs?

Gloria Robbins

South Portland

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