Maine is the home of the Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act and wind projects that are known internationally for their groundbreaking technology. We are a leader when it comes to protecting the environment, and developing clean forms of energy.

This approach not only keeps our environment healthy, but also provides us with jobs and energy independence. The wind industry has the potential to create even more jobs and boost the economy in Maine. If our senators have our best interests in mind, they will make sure that the production tax credit is voted on and reinstated for 2015.

The production tax credit ensures that the wind industry is given new financing opportunities while reducing financial risks. The fossil fuel industry has been receiving government help for over 100 years. The least we can do is even the playing field, since the wind industry returns so much more to our state and we receive a bonus by not polluting our environment, keeping Maine the beautiful, pristine state it is for generations to come.

Maine has received $1 billion in investment from wind developers since 2004, creating new work for 300 Maine businesses, which, in turn, employ hundreds of Mainers. However, when the production tax credit was not renewed in 2013, not only did wind development suffer in Maine, it suffered across the nation, causing a loss of 30,000 U.S. wind jobs.

We can’t afford to repeat this mistake as wind industry experts predict it will support 500,000 jobs by 2030 if Congress votes to reinstate the production tax credit.

The production tax credit is a common-sense vote for future Maine jobs and a healthy environment. I hope Mainers will come together to urge Sens. Susan Collins and Angus King to vote to extend the production tax credit now so we can start moving forward in 2015.

Morgan Rogers