Maine’s annual hunting seasons for bears and moose has come to an end for the year.

Saturday marked the end of the hunting season for both animals. The end of the bear season does not allow the use of bait, dogs, or traps to hunt the animals. Those methods will again be available for limited use in 2015 because voters rejected a ballot initiative that sought to ban them in November.

Saturday was also the last day of the year to hunt deer with general firearms. However, the statewide muzzleloader season for hunting deer begins on Monday and ends Saturday.

Muzzleloaders are guns that are loaded from the open end of the barrel. Some are antiques and others more modern. Their users have a separate season from Maine’s general firearms season for deer, which ended Nov. 29.

Maine’s expanded archery season for deer also ended Saturday. Monday also marks the beginning of the hunting season for bobcats, which ends on Feb. 14.