Immediately above a Nov. 28 commentary headlined “Lessons on sexual respect mustn’t wait until youths are college-age,” you printed a crude, sexist comment against women by columnist M.D. Harmon (“Why Romney adds up to being the great right hope – again”).

His attack was delivered in the form of an innuendo about the appearance of Hillary Clinton, the former U.S. senator and secretary of state.

No journalist would make such a so-called humorous comment about the physical shape of a male secretary of state – or any other male whose name is famous. I don’t believe an editor would countenance it.

Other than showing a cruel lack of respect for women, Harmon’s column was rib-ticklingly funny – just what readers need in hard times. (I laughed out loud at the notion of the narrator playing solitaire with unpaid bills.)

But he ruined it with viciousness that he obviously considers harmless jesting. It is anything but.

We cannot teach sexual respect to schoolkids when their parents and teachers may read Harmon’s words and, unconsciously or not, pass these sentiments on to their children.