Thanksgiving is over. I survived. Hallelujah.

Relatives gone. Refrigerator rendered useless by now acting as warehouse for 37 plastic containers of peas, summer squash pieces and canned cranberry slices.

I’m not just a curmudgeon, though. Here is what makes me grateful as 2014 winds to a close:

I’m thankful for Ron Kelly. He has been SHS cross-country and track coach for 35-40 years. He also runs the summer track program for kids 5, 6, 7, 8, etc. Many people in this town have gotten off the couch at some point in their lives at his behest. As you had the 13th piece of pumpkin or Boston Cream Pie last week, it was clear our society needs more Kellys, and less pie;

I am thankful for the cable TV show “Mad Men.” A bunch of middle-aged white guy ad executives, 1960s, Madison Avenue. Male pigs who drink Seagrams in meetings; imprison women in inferior clerical roles, and have the morality of a rutting moose. Wonderful show. Great reminder to men of what we are NOT supposed to be nowadays;

I am thankful to The Breakers Inn, Higgins Beach. Owner Rodney Laughton posts photos on Facebook about the beautiful ocean, and rich Scarborough history since 1658. We need more appreciation of all;

I am thankful that our now-massive town government is overseen by Tom Hall, Town Manager. On Cable TV, he is Joe Friday. Just the facts, ma’am. At a high school basketball game, in the crowd, he knows what defense the team is playing, and the name of the opposing coach. Somewhat plain, somewhat drab. Polar opposite to Kim Kardashian. (Probably good for a town manager you trust with your tax dollars).

I am thankful my kids made it across the nefarious Knife Edge on Mount Katahdin, this year. One could breeze through that mendacious mile in an hour. Another needed four hours. Best was that the first one waited up for the second one. Surprising.

I am grateful for my Republican friends. A fellow Democratic says, “We exist to remind Republicans to share their candy.” Yeah, but Republicans exist to remind people not to give all your candy away. Tag team.

I am grateful to Scarborough Grounds coffee shop beside the old Bessey School on Route 1. “Bessey School Coffee Shop” is not glitzy. It was there when it wasn’t cool. They let Adam Cohen, on break from UPenn, order a cup of coffee and sit there all day, corner table, with his laptop. Term Paper Palooza (relax; he will be in the U.S. Senate some day, and will be able to get you Red Sox playoff tickets).

I am grateful that my 89-year-old father was a trained U.S. Navy fighter pilot who was set to go to the Pacific Theater Aug. 25, 1945 but didn’t need to when “we bombed the crap out of those (ethnic slur deleted here) sons of bitches on Aug. 9.” A hero, with the salty language to prove it;

I am thankful Focused on You photo shop has relocated in Scarborough after being burned out of their other location in town this past fall. Jackie Andrews, standup comedy, appearing daily, now at 162 U.S. Route 1. 35 years. Remember to tip your waitresses.

Lastly, I am thankful that there are people who actually read this column. Somebody came up to me in the post pffice the other day. That makes nine.

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving.

Dan Warren is a trial lawyer in Scarborough. He can be reached through private message on Facebook at the Jones & Warren Attorneys at Law page, or by email at [email protected].

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