Re: “Protesters demonstrate at Wal-Mart in Scarborough” (Nov. 28):

The comments by Wal-Mart spokespersons Kory Lundberg and Brooke Buchanan would be almost laughable if they weren’t so disingenuously manipulating the realities of being a Wal-Mart employee.

Lundberg’s statement that Wal-Mart employees do not demonstrate is mostly true. But that is due not to satisfaction – as Buchanan says – but to fear. They know that if they picketed, they would promptly lose their jobs, and they need those jobs to supplement their food stamps.

I once accompanied my son, who was an organizer at that time, to a Wal-Mart demonstration in the Boston area. He walked inside the store and talked to several employees.

They all took his card but looked around them while taking it very, very nervously. To a person, they said that if they were seen talking to a union representative, they would be fired.

Wal-Mart is making record profits. They can afford to treat their employees fairly. Period.

Valerie Razsa