This year the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development projects that China will surpass the U.S. in terms of its gross domestic product. This is the very first time China’s economy will surpass our economy. The OECD estimates by 2030 China’s economy will be 1½ times as big as the U.S. economy.

The rise of China is shocking to me. Add this to our ever-increasing $18 trillion debt (much of it held by China), and we all should be alarmed.

Where are our politicians? Where are our leaders? They seem busy flooding our country with low-cost labor, thus damaging the middle-class worker; making our health care system more expensive, and sending our brave military men and women around the world to fight other people’s battles, shedding blood in places most of us have never heard of.

All of our politicians should be ashamed of the direction they have led us in. Notice that our representatives from Maine to Washington never come back to Maine and have meetings open to the public to hear how we want the country led.

So, during this season of peace and good will, pray for our country. With this group of politicians leading our country down the path to destruction, the divinity is our best hope.

James Waterhouse