What do I know about law enforcement? Maybe just a little more than the average person. What I do know for certain is that I wouldn’t make it a day working in the profession. It would be like the movie “Groundhog Day,” in which each day repeats itself; I’d wake up each new day and quit.

I am a business agent for the members of Teamsters Union Local No. 340. We represent members in both the private and public sector throughout the state of Maine. Many of our members work in law enforcement.

The women and men who choose this profession do so as a calling, a call to protect and serve. They choose this profession knowing and agreeing with the fact that whether it be by policy and procedures, state or federal law and even in their collective bargaining agreements, they will be held to a higher standard than those they protect and serve.

That higher standard is as it should be. Law enforcement officers are entrusted with an awesome responsibility as well as immense power and authority.

Every decision they make throughout the day is subject to second-guessing, armchair quarterbacks, political expediency and/or agendas, and yet each day they get up and do the job.

The men and women who serve the Maine public in law enforcement show great compassion and discipline each and every day on the job. Maine can be proud of those who serve us. I cannot imagine a day without them. Nor would I want to. Thank a cop today!

Joe Piccone

business agent, Teamsters Local No. 340

South Portland