Re: “Collins criticized for proposal to ease rest rules for truckers” (Dec. 12):

As a lifetime professional truck driver, my heart goes out to Daphne Izer, founder of Parents Against Tired Truckers, who lost her son in 1993 when a big rig hit his car. No one can put himself in her family’s shoes, nor comprehend her family’s loss.

But I ask Ms. Izer and the public to understand that, as tragic as it was, this accident was an aberration. The per-mile safety record for trucks is untouchable.

Any accidental loss of life is tragic, but please understand that U.S. Sen. Susan Collins is only trying to make sure that truckers – who keep the nation’s economy moving – are able to do their jobs.

Collins wants to add to provisions to a federal budget bill that would loosen rest standards for the nation’s truck drivers. Ms. Izer has expressed opposition to Collins’ bill, arguing it would dilute current rules specifying the amount of sleep commercial drivers must get.

Bruce G. Gray

Maine Motor Carrier Review Board