The first federal gasoline tax in the United States was created on June 6, 1932, with the enactment of the Revenue Act of 1932 – a tax of one cent per gallon. Since 1993, the federal gasoline tax has been 18.4 cents per gallon.

The federal gas tax has not been increased for over 20 years and roughly 65 percent of these taxes fund infrastructure, including roads and bridges. The infrastructure in the U.S., once an international model, is now crumbling and in dire need of investment.

Smaller, less powerful countries have seen the value in infrastructure investment and are enhancing their competitiveness. Anyone that has returned to the U.S. via Newark or other major U.S. airports readily sees the differential. With energy prices at the current low, now is the time to dramatically increase the federal and state gas taxes. We need to address our infrastructure issues and work with forward planning to ensure long-term effectiveness and international competitiveness.

Partisan government gridlock is not an excuse for continuing with our present policy. Please contact your elected official on the state and federal level and express your concern.

Craig Kinney