I’m sure that the senator who detailed the CIA torture tactics at Guantanamo Bay never pledged a college fraternity.

During Hell Week, we were kept awake for 72 hours while working hard and enduring periodic hazing. Being kept awake all night with loud rock music was a routine occurrence at the house.

The terrorists were stripped and subjected to water torture. On my 21st birthday, my fraternity brothers stripped me and carried me 100 feet across a snow-covered front lawn and dumped me into a 3-foot-deep pond of freezing slush.

After I streaked back to the house to get showered and dressed, they took me to a local pub, where I had to drink 21 beers before closing time. College football players endured much worse.

I’m sure the CIA tactics were more brutal than Hell Week, but comparing them to anything the Nazis did is probably a stretch, too.

Allan Neff

South Portland