I would like to comment on a letter published by the Press Herald on Dec. 31, “With gas prices down, let’s replenish road repair fund.”

The writer claims that since gas prices are down and we now have extra money to spend, we should spend that extra by paying higher taxes on gasoline. I would argue with that idea.

The people in our respective governments – state and federal – are not bound by tax policies enacted by prior lawmakers.

Of the last few governors of Maine, Joe Brennan pushed through two 5-cent-per-gallon raises in the gas tax. Angus King got another 5-cent-per-gallon increase.

John Baldacci added more – and gas tax indexing to adjust for inflation was enacted so members of the Legislature wouldn’t have to vote on the gas tax anymore. Gov. LePage got gas tax indexing removed so we would not have to be taxed without debate.

Currently, Maine’s gasoline tax is 31.37 cents per gallon + federal taxes of 18.4 cents = 49.77 cents per gallon.

$20 of gas at $3.75/gal = 5.33 gallons or $2.65 in tax.

$20 of gas at $2.39/gal = 8.36 gallons or $4.16 in tax.

Leave the gas tax alone – the cheaper the gas, the more that we are paying in gas taxes already.

John M. Roberts

South Portland