I believe the Falmouth Town Council should respect the award-winning Tidewater Master Plan and delineation of zoning. The plan calls for a delicate balance with small businesses and residential housing sharing a common neighborhood.

On July 28, 2014, the council passed sweeping changes to zoning and site plan reviews. These comprehensive and specific changes affects all businesses on the Route 1 corridor from Route 88 to Bucknam Road. The staff and council spent many thoughtful hours developing and writing these ordinances. The plan is to serve as a master plan for Route 1 development for future generations.

From 2001 to 2005 the Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee spent many hours and staff time developing a master-planning project to create a community vision for the future of the scenic Tidewater Farm on Lunt Road. The Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee’s report on compact development won the Maine Association of Planners’ award for the best land use plan produced in the state. The plan provides objective criteria for determining where in Falmouth more compact development (better known as cluster housing) might be feasible and appropriate based on availability of public utilities, access to major roads, impact on natural resources and open space, and proximity to schools and other activity centers.

I question why we want to modify a well thought-out plan from 2005, without a thorough discussion on the future of cluster housing development in Falmouth, and the implications that may come with any changes.

Douglas C. Andrews

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