Excellent article on the possible effects of the new tax proposals (“LePage’s tax reform plan rattles Maine towns, nonprofits,” Jan. 13).

Gov. LePage should calm down and think things through. His latest proposal to revamp revenue sharing is neither well-thought-out nor practical. While the governor was re-elected and we all wish him success for Maine, he hardly received a sweeping mandate for radical changes.

It is understandable that the governor and his followers, who often watch only Fox News, wish to reduce government to its bare bones.

The fact is that government has been greatly reduced during the past 20 years, and it is at about the size people both want and need. It would be sad to create chaos among excellent hospitals, colleges and other fine nonprofit organizations in the pursuit of ideological dogma.

Misguided political leaders may honestly think that starving government will force it to the right size. But if government is already the right size, they will only drive up property taxes and other taxes and cause more harm to middle-class Mainers.

Joseph Hachey