We all know by now that being “middle-class” is an outmoded intellectual construct. The iconic image of the tasteful home in the ‘burbs with the requisite children, a happy mom and dad and a full refrigerator stuffed with bleeding roasts and TV dinners was a cruel illusion on just about every level.

That’s why the new catchphrase “middle-class economics” is a dud, and I wish President Obama would get a new speechwriter, or at least one who is more in touch with reality.

We have in this country a class structure of the super rich, the rich, the upper middle class and many variants of an economic underclass who make up the majority of the less moneyed and getting lesser in this country. To state or imply that this is not so is to avoid a harsh but necessary truth.

I’m still an engaged Democrat, but I have no illusion that we will see anything other than gridlock in Washington, and I hope the president has fired up his veto pen. I wish he would fire up his language.

Nicole d’Entremont

Peaks Island